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Here at Triangle Urban Farm, we believe that the journey to living our best life starts with our health. What we put into our bodies is foundational. Our mission is to teach, empower and provide fresh produce for everyone in the Triangle. Using a unique and sustainable growing system, everyone can have access to and benefit from fresh food. We are on a mission to grow better, grow greener and grow happier. One person, one family, one community at a time; we are going to change the world through food.


Not all produce is created equal. Good health starts with good nutrition, which starts with quality produce. All of our plants are sprouted from non-GMO, organic and heirloom seeds. 

Did you know that the majority of nutrient density comes in the later stages of ripening? On the vine, that is, not in the back of a truck. #eatlocal for a reason. It not only tastes better but you are getting more nutrition for your $$. In fact, when we harvest our greens, they are still living!

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"When you teach kids about nature, you teach them to nurture. When we teach kids to nurture, we as a society collectively embrace our better nature."

— Stephen Ritz, Green Bronx Machine

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Family Farmers

Kim and Nick Hosking, Owners of Triangle Urban Farm

Kim and Nick Hosking, Owners of Triangle Urban Farm

From Chicago and Long Island, Kim and Nick met at Indiana University (a LONG time ago). They did a stint in NYC and enjoyed the wide open spaces of Kansas before sewing deep roots in the south. Together, they are raising 5 kids on 15 acres in NC. Nick has a passion for educating and has impacted many lives over the last 10 years teaching. Kim is a Veterinarian with an innate desire to heal. Together, they are using their gifts and talents and thinking outside the box to impact and serve bigger. 

Life experience has taught them the real value and importance of health. It is foundational in finding purpose, fulfillment and in the pursuit of happiness. Everyone deserves the opportunity to become who they were meant to be. They believe that it is possible.

It starts with food. Plant a seed and watch it grow. They are on a mission to inspire, empower, teach and provide.

They are living their best life and invite you to come see what they are so passionate about. Embrace their journey to change the world through food, faith and farming because the best is yet to come.